School Translates into Opportunity

The Sienna Project builds schools in small indigenous mountain villages in the Highlands of Guatemala, where there may not be enough classrooms or no classrooms at all.  The national government pays teachers’ salaries, but does not provide funds for school buildings.  In many villages children never go to school for lack of classrooms.

The Sienna Project is a living memorial

The Sienna Project is a living memorial to Sienna, the daughter of the Reverend Marlin and Anitra Lavanhar of All Souls in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sienna died suddenly and unexpectedly three days after her third birthday in May 2006.  Sienna’s grandfather, Martin, his wife, Caroline and Sienna’s Uncle Derek established the Sienna Project as a 501(c)3 NJ non profit corporation.
sienna lavanharSienna will never have the opportunity to be a teacher or even have the chance to go to school, but in her honor we have made it possible for hundreds and now over a thousand Mayan children in Guatemala to get an education.  The opportunity to positively impact the lives of that many children happens rarely.  We are making it happen.  You can help.

We invite you to join us.

Children in ClassroomWe have built tenschools since 2007 with help from people like you.  We plan to build at least ten schools.  In 2012 we built a school for special needs children and in 2013, finished our work in Nueva Victoria which was started two years earlier.  They now have six classrooms built by the Sienna Project.  With your help we can continue to build schools and transform the lives of many more Mayan children.